Wacky Rockets Children's Birthday Parties

This kids birthday party will take you to Infinity and Beyond!

Head to infinity and beyond with a Digital Ninjas Wacky Rocket birthday party! Design, build and test your very own water rocket!

Digital Ninjas will bring all the equipment, including lots of craft materials, to create, design and customise your wacky water rocket as we prepare for the launch party. Watch out NASA here come the Digital Ninjas!

Three…two…one…BLAST OFF! We will then all head outside and watch it soar as we see which water rocket can fly the highest and the furthest. You’re guaranteed to have a blast! A unique birthday party experience like no other. It’s sure to be the talk of the playground!

Digital Ninjas will take all the hassle out of organising a children’s birthday party and do all the hard work for you including providing specially themed party invites. Perfect for kids and budding astronauts. All you need to organise for your child’s Wacky Rocket party is the party food and drink!

Find out more about our Wacky Rocket party packages today.  

*PLEASE NOTE – Flat, open space required to launch the rockets

Wacky Rocket Birthday Party Details:
The birthday party lasts an hour and a quarter for age 5+.
£160 (up to 15 children). If there are more than 15 children, the cost is £7 thereafter.

Wacky Rocket party bags available to buy. See our shop for more information.

Wacky Rocket Party Edinburgh - designing the water rockets
Wacky Rocket Party - designing the water rockets
Digital Ninjas Rocket Party Edinburgh
Digital Ninjas Ninjas with balloon


“Digital Ninjas provided a Rocket Party for our 5 year old daughter’s birthday. It was absolutely fantastic! The Digital Ninjas team were so lovely with the kids and made sure they were all happy decorating their rockets. When we took the rockets outside to launch them the kids were so excited and watching their faces when they saw just how high the rockets went was priceless. I highly recommend a rocket party as something a bit different for 5+ age group.

-Wacky Rockets Children’s Party – Eddlestone, Peebles, The Borders

“Thanks for a brillant party. The feedback from parents afterwards has been fab. Apparently the best birthday party EVER!”

-CSI Children’s Party – Haddington, East Lothian

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