Plastic waste at a children’s birthday party

There’s nothing quite like a children’s birthday party to generate vast quantities of waste, from the plates, cups, napkins, and uneaten food, the gift wrap, present boxes, and disposable decorations.

Ever since the final episode of Blue Planet II took an unflinching look at the impact of human activity on marine life there has been an increased focus on how we can ditch unnecessary plastic.

Here are our suggestions for children’s birthday parties:


Avoid paper invitations and use online invitations instead. Instead, give all parents a call to invite their child, or send out a simple invite email. It’s one of the reasons, as well as being more convenient, we have adopted Yay-List for our email invites.

If you would like to send out some digital invitations instead Paperless Post do a great range of children’s birthday party invite….Paperless Post 


Instead of using plastic decorations opt for homemade, which you can reuse year after year. This may sound like a lot of work, but simple decorations can be very effective, and they are also more personal than the generic shop-bought ones.

Make banners with the materials you have to hand such as leftover wrapping paper. Fabric bunting and fun lighting are ideas which will stand the test of time.

Use an old sheet as a table cloth and decorate it to fit the theme of your party.  If you are having one of the Digital Ninjas Minecraft parties, for example, there are some great ideas on Pinterest for decorations.

Birthday Party Decorations

Paper Birthday Party Decorations


The most obvious way to cut down on party waste, of course, is by ditching the disposable plates, cups and cutlery.   Has anyone every actually successfully cut anything with one of those disposable plastic knives?

Instead of plastic straws there are now some great paper alternatives. Shops on the High Street are now stocking a great range of paper straws. Tesco do a great range at the moment… Paper Straws

Birthday Party Straws

Party Food

It can be tempting to buy too much food when catering for a party, however our experience at Digital Ninjas is that children don’t tend to eat much at birthday parties as they are too busy having fun. Write a shopping list, stick to it, and don’t put all of the food out at once – you can always get more out if it’s needed, but otherwise you can eat it up through the week. Instead of buying individual juice cartons, mix up some juice in large jugs to cut that cardboard waste.

Minecraft Cookies

Digital Ninjas specialise in unique children’s birthday parties with a tech twist. We offer a fantastic range of birthday party packages across Edinburgh and the Lothians from Lego Robotics and Tipi Sleepovers to CSI and Wacky Rockets!

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