1. Location

It’s worth choosing a birthday party venue that is very central and easy to get to. Ideally, somewhere that it is within a reasonable walking or driving distance from where most of the party guests live. From one parent to another, no one wants to travel long distances or fight traffic on the other side of the city to get to the venue!

Here, at Digital Ninjas, we’ve used many birthday party venues across Edinburgh and the Lothians (as well as further afield) so are very happy to provide recommendations.

2. Parking

Does the venue have car parking available? While not essential, it does make life a lot easier if there is somewhere relatively easy to park. This is particularly true if you are bringing food, decorations, etc with you as you don’t want to have to carry heavy boxes or bags too far. It also makes it easier for the entertainer too!

3. Accessibility

Will all the party guests, especially those with special needs, be able to access the building and its amenities? Before you answer this question you need to understand who is attending and what their particular needs are.

4. Services and Facilities

Does the venue have a kitchen? If so, are you able to use the fridge, cooker, etc? Is there tableware, cutlery, etc available to use? This is particularly important if you are providing your own food. It’s also important to find out if this is included in the price.

5. Space

Is there enough space for all the activities you have planned? If you have kid’s birthday entertainment planned think about what space the children will use and how much space that will take up. If you’re providing party food where is the best place to set this up? Are there tables and chairs available? Somewhere within easy access of the kitchen is always a good idea.

6. Decorations

If you’re bringing birthday decorations with you are you able to hang them up? Some venues prefer you not to hang party decorations or have restrictions on how party decorations can be hung. For e.g. no Sellotape or blu-tac. It’s always worth checking this in advance rather than finding out on the day.

Digital Ninjas are the leading providers of unique kid’s birthday parties with a tech twist.

We offer a wide range of kid’s birthday party packages from Minecraft and Lego® Robotics to CSI and Spy Parties, covering Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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