If you’re anything like me you’re probably rushed off your feet with a hundred and one things to do! When it comes to planning a children’s birthday party, there are a few things to consider to make sure that it is as perfect and stress free as possible!

We know how special your child’s birthday is so here are some helpful hints and tips you should find useful.

1. Party Venue

It’s important to chose your kid’s birthday party venue wisely. If your child is inviting the whole class your living room may be a little restricted. However, If you’re having less than 15 children a party at home can work well. Local village halls, churches  or community centres can be quite reasonable and have plenty of room.

Also, it’s really helpful if it’s easy to find. Tie balloons around a tree or gate so that everyone can easily find where the party is.

Digital Ninjas has used a number of venues across Edinburgh and the Lothians and further afield so please don’t hesitate to contact us for recommendations.  Family websites such as Netmums can also be a good source of information for hiring halls and  community centres in and around Edinburgh… Netmums Edinburgh – Halls for Hire

2. Booking

Always ensure you book your party venue and children’s party entertainer as early as possible as they can get booked well in advance.Here at Digital Ninjas we’ve even had bookings a year in advance!

The most popular children’s birthday parties tend to get booked up at least a couple of months in advance. If you have left it to the last minute, the best thing to do is call and try to be as flexible as possible on the date and time.

3. Date

Choose your date carefully for your child’s birthday party and try to avoid it clashing with other events like other friend’s birthday parties, holidays or major events.

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4. Dietary Requirements

Always remember to ask for details of any allergies or special dietary requirements that the birthday guests may have. Nowadays, allergies such as nut or dairy allergies are much more commonplace. It’s one reason why our birthday party invites always ask about allergies and dietary requirements.

5. Preparation

Planning before the big day is a winner for everyone especially the birthday child. Make a checklist and give yourself plenty of time.

Digital Ninjas will help take all the hassle out of organising your child’s birthday party and do the hard work for you, bringing all the equipment and materials as well as supplying specially themed party bags for each birthday party. We also provide birthday party invites. Have a look at our shop for more information.

6. Help!

Ensure you have enough helpers on the day itself. Don’t try to be a super mum or dad and do it all. The more helpers you have the easier it will be for you and don’t be afraid to ask. Most people are more that help. You can do the same for them in return!

Lego Robotics Party

7. Contact Numbers

As you check off the guests arriving at the birthday party get a contact  number from parents who are not staying in case of emergencies. It’s very unlikely but it means less stress for you!

8. Party Bags

Besides the entertainment, party bags can be the most exciting thing for kids at a party. For them, it almost feels like it’s their birthday too. And usually, the curiosity about what’s waiting for them inside the bag is more exciting than the actual contents.

However, the big question is, what do you put in them?

Party bags are often filled with lots of plastic which is often thrown away not long after the party is finished. To prevent this happening here are a few of our suggestions:

A book

Books are a great party bag filler as children loves stories and parents love their kids to read. They also last a long time too. The Works have a great selection of books at reasonable prices.

Bag of seeds

Everyone is becoming more conscious about the environment so this is a great way of getting kids interested in nature. There is also the added bonus of them getting to see what they’ve grown.

Notepad and pencils

Kids love drawing and writing stories so this is often the perfect party bag filler. It encourages kids to be creative and, like a book, lasts a long time.

Discount shops like Poundland often have great deals on notepads and pencils

Digital Ninjas themed party bags

Our Digital Ninjas party bags and gifts have been specially created and designed by us to offer something just that little bit different! From our CSI party bags with everything you need for budding detectives to our Wacky Rocket bags with everything you need to build your very own rocket blaster! More information can be found on our Shop page.

Wacky Rocket Party Bags

Digital Ninjas specialise in kid’s birthday parties with a Tech Twist. We offer a fantastic range of party packages from Minecraft and Wacky Rockets to CSI and Spy parties!

We cover Edinburgh and the Lothians, Fife, the Borders and the Central Belt.

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